We take pride in our commitment to academic excellence. Thanks to the generous sponsorship by the HEET Project, we’ve established a dedicated Curriculum Development Team. This team is driven to elevate the caliber of our academic programs, ensuring they’re not just current but at the forefront of educational standards and industry advancements. Expect remarkable innovations and updates in our curriculum, tailored to benefit our students and contribute to the broader academic community. Stay tuned for exciting progress and enhancements in our e-learning resources, designed to empower our learners and embrace the dynamic landscape of education.

A collaborative effort comprising members from various academic disciplines, including ICT, business, accounting, and other fields that cut across the university's diverse programmes.
Start Date16/11/2023
End Date20/11/2023
Sponsored ByHEET
Chaired byDr. George Matto
Supervised ByProf. Fredy T. Kilima

Message from DVC-PFA

Your collaboration across academic disciplines is the driving force behind innovation, excellence, and progress. Together, you’re shaping the future of education at our university, ensuring that our students receive a comprehensive and cutting-edge learning experience. Your dedication and expertise are the cornerstones of our academic success. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence.