Prof. Goodluck A. Mmari

Dean of Faculty – FBIS

Welcome to the Faculty of Business and Information Sciences (FBIS) webpage at the Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU). As an integral part of MoCU, established under the University Charter of 2014, FBIS has experienced remarkable growth, evolving from two to five dynamic departments in the span of just three years, from 2012 to 2015. This rapid expansion reflects the ever-increasing demand for highly competitive professionals in the job market and the fostering of a spirit of self-employment.

Our thriving faculty is currently home to nearly 1500 students, all of whom are actively engaged in pursuing both undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered across our diverse range of departments. With a dedicated team of 67 academic staff members and an additional five support staff, FBIS remains committed to providing a holistic and enriching educational experience that empowers our students for success in their chosen career paths.

The Faculty of Business and Information Sciences (FBIS) is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders, innovators, and experts in various fields of business and information technology. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of academic programs and fostering an environment of excellence, innovation, and real-world application.

Our faculty boasts a spectrum of expertise. The Department of Marketing, Procurement, and Supply Management (MPSM) excels in marketing, procurement, and supply chain management. The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) leads in the digital domain. Our Department of Banking, Accounting and Finance specializes in financial systems. The Department of Management hones leadership and management skills, while the Department of Law focuses on legal expertise with a commitment to ethics and justice.