Students’ Career fair

7:30 am - 3:30 pmMoshi Co-operative University

Yoga and Meditation Workshop

7:30 am - 3:30 pmMoshi Co-operative University

Annual University Sports Day

7:30 am - 3:30 pmMoshi Co-operative University
Your ideas, actions, and participation can create a lasting impact.

Regular involvement in sports and recreational activities is fundamental to good health and wellness at all stages of life. Sports and recreational activities provide an important environment for the education and socialisation as well as valuable opportunities for personal enjoyment, social contacts and integration to both staff and students. They essentially contribute to the development and maintenance of democratic societies with active and productive citizens.

Furthermore, Sports and recreational play a major role in labour productivity and working performance. Students and staff productivity is linked to their body fitness and mental wellbeing of which results from well programmed sports and recreational activities at the University. The University that invests in sports and recreational is likely to see a sharp rise in work excellence, performance and physical fitness of her staff and students. It is imperative; therefore, the sports and recreational activities are given special recognition in MoCU in terms of policy and resources to facilitate its contribution to the energising of the staff and students.

Name: Hussein Laizer
Position:Head of Department
Phone Number:+255 714 081 717

The Intramural sports programs provides structured sports leagues for both University students and staff. The intramural sports programs for the students includes; interclasses competition, interprogrames competition, freshers league as well finalist league. During these programs variety of sports activities including football, netball, volleyball, basketball as well as special games for people with special needs are conducted. On other hand the intramural sports program for staff include MoCU staff league, Fun run as well as new year bonanza

Both University students and staff participate in extramural sports activities designed to allow the University athletes to compete with other athletes outside the University. For students the extramural sports programs include: Tanzania Inter University Sports and games competitions, East African Inter Universities sports and games competition, Africa Inter University Sports competition as well as world inter Universities sports and games competition. For staff the extramural sports activities include: SHIMMUTA games, MEIMOSI games as well as Kilimarathon

Welcoming freshers forum is a full fun day event created to welcome new students in the University. The forum helps new students to connect with each other as well as other communities of support on campus

The University coordinates variety of outdoor experiences for both students and staff to enjoy. This includes recreational trips to various tourist attraction centres within the country such as museums, national parks, game reserves as well as beaches