Title: Professor

Email Address:ftmkilima@gmail.com

Mobile: +255 622 269 414

Fredy Timothy Mlyavidoga Kilima is a Professor and Deputy Vice Chancellor at Moshi Co-operative University who is responsible for planning, administration and finance. Prof. Kilima’s journey to his current position began at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). At SUA, Prof. Kilima first served as a Research Impact Assessment Expert for PANTIL, a program dedicated to improved livelihoods. He then assumed a leadership role of Component Leader in EPINAV, where he managed the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of 21 research projects, advancing pro-poor innovations in the agricultural sector.

He holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University and is experienced in applied and action research as well as consultancy services. He has a strong background in quantitative economics (micro-economics, mathematics and econometrics) with a long-term teaching experience in this specialty. He has researched extensively in agricultural marketing, price transmission, food and safety standards, commodity value chains and livelihoods. Prof. Kilima has made significant contributions to the understanding of agricultural marketing, food safety, and rural development. His publications, addressing vital issues like farmers’ livelihoods; conservation of natural resources; production efficiency; market reforms; gender gaps; food choices; project evaluation, and; ICT-based market interventions, serve as valuable resources for policymakers, researchers, and practitioners.

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